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The Zaiforge Cannons are titanic gun emplacements constructed to defend the heart of the Galra Empire.


They are equipped with powerful energy cannons that can fire across incredible distances, as well as defensive turrets, thrusters for movement, fleets of fighter jets, and energy shields.[1]

Two cannons are known to exist, one in orbit above planet Teq, the other stationed on the surface of planet Senfama.[1] Both of these locations are near the planet Naxzela.[1] The destructive force of the cannons can wipe out entire fleets easily, and can blast through asteroids twice their size with little effort.[1]

Both were captured by the Voltron Coalition during the offensive to secure a defensive line around a third of the Empire's former territories, but were later remotely deactivated by Haggar's battlecruiser.

When Sendak's Fire of Purification fleet conquered Earth, he enslaved the populations and forced them to construct six Zaiforge Cannons, enhanced with technology Samuel Holt developed while held captive by the Galra. The Paladins and MFE pilots later infiltrated one of these construction facilities and confirmed the cannons' existence. At the same time the cannons launched into orbit, the Paladins formed Voltron and attempted to destroy them, only for the cannons to combine their power and disband Voltron, causing the Lions to be captured by Sendak. The cannons then proceeded to converge together with the goal of combining their beams to destroy Earth. The Lions and their Paladins managed to escape Sendak and moved five orbital reflective panels to keep the beams from merging, but the panels couldn't hold out against a sustained burst. The Atlas positioned itself beneath the Zaiforge beam and used its particle beam to deflect the attack. One of the Zaiforge cannons was disabled when Shiro infiltrated Sendak's ship and linked his bionic arm to its crystal core. The remaining cannons were then destroyed by the Lions, saving Earth.



  • The Teq cannon is within range of an area called sector Zar Niomofor.[2]
  • The cannons can be shut down remotely from Galra warships, notably by Haggar.[2]


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