This article is about the lion as it appears in Voltron: Legendary Defender-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Yellow Lion (disambiguation).

The Yellow Lion is one of the components of Voltron, serving as the left leg of the giant robot, whose Paladin is Hunk. The Yellow Lion was the second of the 5 lions to be found, and reflected Hunk's personality of a large and armored attacker. The Yellow Lion is also a large lion, not as large as the Black Lion, but larger than the Red and Green Lions, and approximately the same size as the Blue Lion. The Yellow Lion generally takes down its targets by body - slamming or breaking off parts of the target. Hunk refers to the Yellow Lion as a boy. 


The Yellow Lion uses a tail laser and the laser in its mouth to destroy targets. The tail laser is much more reliable and focused, while the laser in its mouth is wider and has much more power.

In the second season, the Yellow Lion was shown manifesting a rocket booster pack and massive claws. Using them makes it a more dangerous melee fighter: the claws being able to tear through most materials with ease and the booster not only gives the Lion extra speed but making it a more effective battering ram. Outside of combat, the rocket pack and claws can be used to dig the Yellow Lion into position to brace against and hold heavy loads.

In the third season, the Yellow Lion can spiral through rock.

Hunk's Bayard can turn into a large multi or single targeting weapon that Voltron can use. The weapon is intensely powerful, and from what we can tell, the power in the weapon is not lost when it is split up. It is adept at taking down large fleets. 


  • Hunk refers to the Yellow Lion as a boy.
  • The original yellow paladin was Gyrgan of Rygnirath.
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