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This article is about the lion as it appears in DotU-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Yellow Lion (disambiguation).

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The Yellow Lion is piloted by Hunk and is the left leg of Voltron.


The Yellow Lion is the left leg of Voltron and the third massive lion present. It is mostly covered in yellow save for its limbs and mouth. It is the only Voltron lion to have blue eyes and large ears with black and red tape running through it. It wears what appears to be a black waist-length piece of clothing with a shorter red singlet worn over it, with horizontal slash holes. It has wheel-like bolts in its shoulder and limb joints in order to allow fluid execution of movement. It sports a cannon and two miniature red protrusions on its back. It also three claws and has a white-colored tail.


The Yellow Lion resides within a lion-shaped cave far from The Castle of Lions and is therefore Arus' secondary line of defense. It comes to life once its activation key is placed.

Voltron form

The Yellow Lion forms the left leg of Voltron. During formation, it loses its limbs and tail. The Yellow Lion affixes to the Black Lion's left leg, the Blue Lion affixes to its right leg, and the Red and Green Lions affix to its right and left shoulder. The Black Lion's mouth opens up to reveal a humanoid face and its ears open up to form horns and the formation of Voltron is completed.

Abilities and weaponry

The Yellow Lion has a number of abilities displayed in the show.

  • Sentience: The Yellow Lion emits some limited sentience without a pilot.
  • Flight: The Yellow Lion is capable of flying in the air.
  • Hovering: It likewise is capable of hovering in a single spot in the air.
  • Intergalactic Travel: During its voyages outside Planet Arus, the Yellow Lion is covered in a yellow comet-like aura which it uses to travel from Arus to other planets in the galaxy. This ability is not used within the flyspace of Planet Arus or any other planets but only in outer space, suggesting it is for intergalactic travel.
  • Plasma Cannon: The Yellow Lion uses its back-mounted cannon.
  • Dual Shoulder Blockbuster Turret: The Yellow Lion uses a dual-barrel weapon materialized from energy in its shoulder bolt.
  • Radial Shotgun Shoulder Blaster: The Yellow Lion uses a radial, shotgun-like weapon materialized from energy in its shoulder bolt.
  • Shoulder-Mounted Cannon: A powerful cannon weapon shared by the other lions.
  • Sword Attack: Contrary to its name, a dagger is materialized from its mouth in order to pierce and cut objects.
  • Lion Missiles: It can fire various other miniature missiles.


  • Hunk (Currently)