Yalmors are anteater-like animals native to the Dalterion Belt in Voltron: Legendary Defender. This species is known to find an element known as Faunatonium, which is known to increase the size of energy particles, or atoms.


Yalmors are furred, quadrupedal animals somewhat resembling anteaters. They have long, elephant-like snouts and rounded teeth. Yalmors also have three eyes, two on the sides of the head and one in the middle. They have long, dark antennae-like ears, which can link or wrap around other Yalmor ears when a group has uncovered a "Faunatonium Wizplute." Upon discovering an abundance of the element, the Yalmors' ears link, and they begin to drink from the ground, before showering the area with the liquid element.

They are particularly aggressive and will attack if they perceive any sign of weakness. Some ancient Alteans (Coran and King Alfor) used the "Squelzian Technique" to capture Yalmors.




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