Xi[1] was a prisoner of the Galra Empire for an unknown number of years who was forced to fight for the entertainment of the Galra elite.


Xi is a tall, waif-like alien with a prominent, fleshy, toe-shaped stalk on his head. The stalk has a beige circle on the front. He has ashy blue skin and lank, grey hair. He has two eyes with teal pupils, and bloated yellow lips. He has three pairs of arms with four fingers on each hand, and two legs; all desperately thin. In his brief appearance, he's wearing the black body suit and shredded purple tunic of all Galra gladiators.


Xi recognised Shiro, Sam Holt, and Matt Holt from their shared time as gladiators enslaved by the Galra Empire. While the Paladins are escaping by Zarkon's forces in Season 1, they find Xi and group of alien slaves cowering in a cell in Sendak's warship. They are taken back to the Castle of Lions and healed in cryo-pods. Recuperating, Xi identifies Shiro as the legendary human fighter nicknamed "Champion", and tells the Holts about the battle between him and the infamous Galra gladiator, Myzax. He regards Shiro with equal parts awe and terror, having witnessed his feroity in the gladiator pit firsthand. Afterwards, Xi and the rest of the group are returned to their families.



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