The Weblum is a gigantic species of worm that surpasses even the massive size of the Galran command center. According to Coran, the Weblum is an integral part of keeping the universe function by feeding on dead planets, reconverting the quintessence remnants into the building blocks of new solar systems. Weblums are also a source of scaultrite. It first appeared in the episode The Belly of the Weblum.


The Weblum's outer skin appears to be made entirely out of rock but its organs are completely organic. It has two sets of three eyes on either side of its head, and three stomachs through which swarms of bacteria roughly half the size of a human head break down food with hot acid.

Its natural defense is a venomous laser capable of vaporizing anything in its path, which causes a gland in its third stomach to secrete liquid scaultrite, which is then crystalized by the heat generated as the weapon fires.


Being a non-sentient creature, the Weblum would attack any moving object in its line of sight.