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Episode 10

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Wanted and Unwanted
Air date July 28, 2011 (USA)
Written by Ross Beeley
Directed by John Delaney
Story by Todd Garfield and Jeremy Corray
Supervising director Steven E. Gordon
Episode Transcript

Keith and Daniel are arrested and sent to "The Void," Sky Marshall Wade's secret cloaked prison vessel.

Plot Summary

Keith allows himself to get captured by Sky Marshall Wades robots in order to get aboard his invisible prison vessel called "The Void", run by Wade so he can break out political prisoners of the Den Resistance. However, Daniel gets caught with him.

Daniel later runs into Keith's smuggler friend Manset who helps him survive on the inside while Wade throws Keith into the "Black Hole" where he encounters Chief Kalon of the Lion Riders. Daniel then has to fight Kloak, an invisible warrior who guards the Void generator so he and Keith can escape the ship and get their friends to safety.

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