Issue #5 is the fifth published chapter in Volume 1 of the Comics. The storyline of Volume 1 occurs after the episode Rebirth and ends prior to the episode Crystal Venom.


The Yalexian pearl is within reach. In their brave attempt to save Coran, the Paladins may learn the strangest lesson of all! Final issue of series 1!


The Paladins fly over to the moon of Krell in search of the Yalex in hope to take its pearl. Right after Voltron landed, the Paladins notice that the moon has more inhabitants than just the Yalex. This inhabitant is one of the priests of Moon Spirit of Krell. The priest invites the Paladins into the temple and explains the ritual of feeding the Moon Spirit as well as befuddling the Paladins with the Yalex and its religious symbolism.

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