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Voltron is the mighty "Defender of the Universe." Composed of five robot lions piloted by the Voltron Force, Voltron has the power to defeat the toughest opponents. Its construction is steeped in ancient mystery, and even today the Voltron Force is finding out new and previously unknown capabilities.


Voltron Force (TV series)

Voltron was impounded by Wade, the Voltron Force got the lions back, Keith took the Black Lion from Wade and rest of the lions were not captured but decommisioned except for Black which was kept by Wade so Voltron Force could only use four lions the Red, Blue, Green and the Yellow Lion against the robeast that attacked them until Keith arrived.In their proceeding battles not only was the Black Lion the center of Voltron but so was the other lions.

Alternate Configurations

Traditionally, Black Lion always formed the center and head of Voltron, with the other lions forming the limbs. Vince's strange abilities have unlocked alternate configurations, allowing the other lions to be the center, with each configuration granting Voltron new special abilities.

Black Center

The traditional configuration: Black Lion is the center, and Voltron wields his classic Blazing Sword.

One Legged Black Center

While fighting Wade's robots the Voltron Force is initially unable to form Voltron with the Blue Lion resulting in a weaker Black Center Voltron.

Red Center

When Red Lion forms the head, Voltron is armed with Magma Pistols. Red Center may also be more resistant to extremely high temperatures.

Yellow Center

Yellow-center configuration gives Voltron a set of Rock Wrecking Maces, which can extend to be used as a kind of grappling hook. Voltron can also deploy wings to gather solar energy to recharge or power up.

Blue Center

When Blue Lion is the center, Voltron weilds the the double-sided Titanic Trident, which has freeze ray capabilities.

Green Center

The last center-configuration to be discovered, Green-center Voltron wields the Boomerang Shield and allows Voltron to block Haggarium attacks.


Notes and Trivia

  • At one point in time Daniel's conciousness went inside Voltron.
  • When exposed to Haggarium, Voltron becomes weakened unless Vince boosts it with his power.
  • Green Lion center's face when Voltron is formed wears a ninja mask unlike the other faces of the other centers which have different expressions.
  • In different formations, the Black Lion takes the place of whichever lion is in the Center position.


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