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Shifting roles within the team cause internal challenges as the Paladins continue to fight the Galra, who are undergoing major changes of their own.

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Season 3 of Voltron: Legendary Defender is the third season of DreamWorks Animation's and Netflix's Voltron reboot. The season was released on Netflix on August 4, 2017.



Season three was slated to air September 2017, but was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 to officially air August 4, 2017.[1][2] It was teased previously at WonderCon 2017 with an exclusive trailer; the WonderCon panel also featured a clip of Lotor with the cow bought in the episode Space Mall edited over his face for April Fool's to conceal his appearance.[3] The first episode. "Changing of the Guard", premiered ahead of schedule exclusively to attendees of the Voltron panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.[4]

Originally produced as a longer season containing Season Four, the episodes were split into two seasons on the request of Netflix in order to release Voltron content more often.[5]




# Image Title Airdate
1 Changing of the Guard.png "Changing of the Guard" August 4, 2017
As the paladins work to build a coalition of rebels, Allura makes a suggestion that rattles the team. A new face aims to gain power with the Galra.
2 Red Paladin.png "Red Paladin" August 4, 2017
Lotor's forces moved to retake the planet Puig and lure the Paladins out for a fight. Keith and Lance struggle to adjust big changes.
3 The Hunted.png "The Hunted" August 4, 2017
Keith's reckless choice leads the team into a dangerous situation, and Allura needs to channel one of the Paladins to get out of trouble.
4 Hole in the Sky.png "Hole in the Sky" August 4, 2017
The castle receives a distress signal that leads Allura and Coran to believe that they may not be the only surviving Alteans.
5 The Journey.png "The Journey" August 4, 2017
A pair of skeptical rebel fighters make things difficult for a Paladin in need of assistance. Haggar steps up her monitoring of Lotor.
6 Tailing a Comet.png "Tailing a Comet" August 4, 2017
As the Paladins pursue the comet, they become confused by Lotor's actions. Keith doubts his leadership skills, while Lance ponders his future.
7 The Legend Begins.png "The Legend Begins" August 4, 2017
As the team tries to decipher Lotor's plan for the comet, Coran gives the Paladins a history lesson about the origin of Voltron and the ongoing war.


  • The season is the debut of Lotor and his generals: Ezor, Zethrid, Narti and her cat, Kova. Not Acxa, who had debuted in season 2.
  • The season marks the beginning of the split-season model.[5]
  • The season featured two exclusive teaser trailers without official release, one at WonderCon 2017 and one at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.
  • For WonderCon 2017, a poster of Keith drawn by Joaquim Dos Santos was given to panel attendees.[6] For San Diego Comic-Con 2017, a poster depicting the characters of Season Two was given.[7]
  • The Netflix preview for the season aired prior to the official announcement of the season's air date at San Diego Comic-Con, and also revealed Lotor's face earlier than staff intended. His character design was supposed to be revealed when the panel aired the episode Changing of the Guard.
  • Upon watching all the end credits of The Legend Begins on Netflix, the official trailer for Season Four automatically played and confirmed its release date as October 13, 2017.
  • For the premiere of Season Seven at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, a poster was released depicting the characters of this season and Season Four.[8]