Voltron: Legendary Defender, a series created by Netflix and DreamWorks Animation (DWA) is the fourth major television series of the Voltron franchise and first to be a web-exclusive to Netflix. Since its initial release in 2016, the series has released eight seasons, with final season being released on December 14, 2018. In total, the series has accumulated aired 78 episodes.

Legendary Defender was first announced as an expansion of the existing multi-year agreement between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation. Comic books for the series have also been produced.

The official logo was released on February 8, 2016[2] while the entire first season was released on June 10, 2016.[3] The latest and final season of the show was its the eighth season, which was released on December 14, 2018.


Team Voltron/Defenders of the Universe


Paladin is the term used to describe individuals chosen by a Lion of Voltron to pilot them. There can only be one Paladin to any Lion. Although an individual may be allowed by a Lion to pilot them, they are not recognized as a full-fledged Paladin until a Lion truly acknowledges them as such. Only then will they be awarded with a bayard and the true title of "Paladin". Below is the current roster of Voltron Paladins:[4]


  • Coran: Former Royal Adviser to the Altean royal family and chief engineer of the Castle of Lions; also one of the last survivors of Planet Altea.
  • King Alfor the Great: Allura's father and the previous ruler of Altea responsible for sending the Lions to the far corners of the universe for protection before dying in the Altean genocide by the Galra. Alfor was the creator of the Voltron Lions as well as the original Paladin of the Red Lion.

Galra Empire


Voltron is the legendary giant robotic superweapon made 10,000 years ago by King Alfor composed of 5 robotic lions: the Black Lion, the Red Lion, the Green Lion, the Blue Lion and the Yellow Lion. It was created using special ore from a "trans-reality comet" that had the ability to travel between different places in the space-time continuum. It is that ability that caused Zarkon to deem Voltron so valuable to the Empire, as it would allow him to collect quintessence from the layer between realities. A second comet with similar properties is later found by Lotor, which he then used to create the Sincline ships.


See also: Voltron: Legendary Defender/Episodes
Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
██ 1 11 June 10, 2016
("The Rise of Voltron")
June 10, 2016
("The Black Paladin")
██ 2 13 January, 20, 2017
("Across the Universe")
January, 20, 2017
██ 3 7 August 4, 2017
("Changing of the Guard")
August 4, 2017
("The Legend Begins")
██ 4 6 October 13, 2017
("Code of Honor")
October 13, 2017
("A New Defender")
██ 5 6 March 2, 2018
("The Prisoner")
March 2, 2018
("White Lion")
██ 6 7 June 15, 2018
("Omega Shield")
June 15, 2018
("Defender of All Universes")
██ 7 13 August 10, 2018
("A Little Adventure")
August 10, 2018
("Lions' Pride, Part 2")
██ 8 13 December 14, 2018
("Launch Date")
December 14, 2018
("The End Is the Beginning")

Merchandising and other media


  • In an interview, Tim Hedrick, Voltron's story editor, was asked "...Will we be seeing any LGBT content in Voltron?" to which he responded with "I think I'll let that play out as we go. No comment on that question."[5]


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