Voltron: Defender of the Universe is a 2007 motion comic series based on the comics of the same name by Devil's Due Publishing. It was produced by Eagle One Media[2] with its animation done by Dragon Visual and directed by Joseph Whiteaker.

It would adapt issues #0 to #5 of Volume 1 as "Revelations" and issues #1 to #5 of Volume 2 as "Paradise Lost". The series was also aired on the Syfy channel which combined two to three chapters into one episode.[3]


Thousands of years ago, a robot built by priests and scientists proved to be a formidable warrior against the Drule Empire. Legend says that the Empire's witch split the robot into pieces only for them to reform in the shapes of lions and land on a planet known as Arus.

Commander Hawkins gathers a group of misfits with various skills to go on a seemingly impossible task to recover the mythical robot. The pilots soon find themselves on Arus and accompanied by Allura, the heir to the Arusian throne who denounced her own title, in accordance to her own prophetic dream.

After successfully gathering the lions and fighting off the empire, the Galaxy Garrison would take the lions in order to build their own robot from its data. As a result of retrieving their lions, Prince Lotor and his henchmen would follow the Voltron Force.


The motions comics adapted from the Devil's Due series would have simple animation applied to the original still panels of the comics. Voice actors would read the characters' dialogue with sound effects added in.

As a result of having an initial PG rating and limited budget certain parts of dialogue would be cut out. Swears as sanitized as "crap" or the use of "Jesus" were removed or substituted with a different word.

The original DVDs were released in 2007 and 2008 with each chapter being approximately ten minutes long. The series that would broadcast on the Syfy channel in 2010 and would have two or three chapters in one episode that would be approximately 22 minutes in length. Unlike how the DVD would have the option of watching the motion comic with or without speech bubbles, the episodes aired on Syfy would be without the original comic text.

DVD Releases


  1. Prologue
  2. Space Explorers
  3. Unearthing the Past
  4. Lions in Flight
  5. Unholy Terror
  6. A Titan Reborn

Paradise Lost

  1. Treachery
  2. Recovery
  3. Pursuit
  4. Convergence
  5. Frenzy


  • The motions comics pronounces Keith's last name as "Koh-gah-nee" opposed to the original Japanese pronunciation of "Koh-guh-neh"

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