Veronica is Lance's sister in Voltron: Legendary Defender. She is an analyst working at the Galaxy Garrison. Veronica fought against Sendak and the Fire of Purification as part of the Atlas' crew.



Some time before the start of the show, Veronica most likely was a cadet at the Galaxy Garrison, before graduating and eventually ascending to Officer status by the time her brother Lance and his friends are taken by the Blue Lion into space.

Season 7



Veronica has the appearance of a young adult with a light brown skin, the same kind of thin eyebrows as her brother Lance, gray eyes with medium sized irises and a pair of rectangular glasses. Her hair is dark brown and reaches the base of her neck. It's seen to be slightly curled and cut off unevenly. Her bangs are parted slightly to the left. Veronica is quite tall, shown to be just a little taller than Hunk.

Veronica wears the standard Garrison armor. This includes a uniform with a white top part that changes to black from the chest down, with the logo of the Galaxy Garrison on the right sleeve and beige patches on the elbows, a gray chestplate with orange highlights, a pair of light gray gloves and boots in the same color.


Veronica is smart, resourceful, and dependable as a soldier, much like her younger brother, Lance. However, while Veronica consistently conducts herself in a manner of utmost professionalism, she also possesses a good natured sense of humor, teasing Lance about his romantic interest in Allura, and pointing out to Lance Allura's fondness for the Red Paladin.

Much like her brother, Veronica has a very strong sense of duty, with all of her humor and teasing melting away to reveal a focused soldier who is not afraid to put herself on the line for the sake of the mission.


  • Veronica is mentioned as early as Season Five, but her debut is not until Season Seven
    • Though she alongside the rest of her family appear in a vision Lance has in "Some Assembly Required," though she is not specified and bears a slightly different design from her present appearance in season seven and eight.
  • According to Veronica, her siblings once brought a cat named "Flash" home who had imprinted solely on her.
  • Veronica once mixed dirt and water together and tricked her brother Lance into drinking it, claiming it was 'chocolate milk'.


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