Vakala is an alien in charge of manning a distant Voltron Coalition outpost. He and his partner, Remdax, find Clone Shiro after he escapes incarceraion by the Galra and attempt to interrogate him, believing him to be a Galra spy.


Vakala is a short, humanoid alien with blue skin and four fingers. He has blue hair, and a ratty fu manchu moustache. He has wide-set orange eyes with blue waterlines, and slits for nostrils. He has a long neck and an elliptical-shaped skull.

Vakala is dressed for the sub-zero temperatures that occur on his outpost. He wears a puffy, orange fleece and black, fingerless gloves. His sleeveless vest has a fur-lined hood that obscures his forehead and a clasp that could be a mouthpiece. He layers a black skirt over pants and blue boots. He has a utility belt across his wait and a second strap across his chest.


Vakala is suspicious of outsiders and prone to stubbornness. Isolation from everyone other than Remdax has made him socially inarticulate and harrowed. He's initially disbelieving when Clone Shiro tells him that he's a Paladin of Voltron, and shoots at him when he tries to escape. However, he isn't free-thinking enough to fully cave into existential dread and depression.

He does have a streak of generosity, however, as he happily lends Clone Shiro his only shuttle to get back to Voltron.


Vakala demonstrated moderate proficiency at using his own, shoddy blaster. Although not able to defeat Clone Shiro, he is still able to fire warning shots with good aim. He can also construct effective interrogation/torture setups, such as the one they use to incapacitate Clone Shiro.

Vakala and his partner, Remdax, are excellent at using cobbled-together machinery to monitor Galra broadcasts and communicating with Voltron's allies: the Coalition and the Blade of Marmora.

But most importantly, he makes delicious-looking Ramen noodles.


Vakala has a short-range blaster. It has a grey stock and a black nose, illuminated orange highlights. The whole thing is held together with beige bandages.



  • Vakala is voiced by Matthew Moy, who is best known for voicing Lars in Steven Universe.
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