Hello guys and welcome to whatever this is!

May I just say how much season four of Voltron hurt my feels?  The second episode when Pidge thought Matt was dead successfully fucked meup. I was in tears and sobbing uncontrollably, then he's alive and I stopped crying and just sat there sh00k. And when they all hugged Keith as he left, Lance was so upset honestly. And when the Marmora called and Keith was there, who was looking at him the whole time? Lance was. And to think that Keith left the team...I have a feeling that he left the team so Lance would't feel like the extra paladin. Keith and Lance love eachother I know it. ALSO THE FACT THAT LANCE FLIPPIN ROPE DANCED THAT MADE ME CRY AND SCREECH WITH HAPPINESS. I swear to god that boy will make me scream my lungs out-

That sounded so bad but oh well.

KEITH NEARLY DIED FOR THE WHOLE TEAM AND THE ONLY ONE WHO TRIE TO STOP HIM WAS MATT. I smell a ship coming on- I feel its gonna be called either Katt or Kolt, Kolt sounds better to be honest.

Also I am making a video edit of Voltron season four that I will most likely upload,

I don't know why I didn't get this account sooner, I can rant on here and probably no one will read it baha, 

Anyways thankyou for readin this if you did and until next time!

-Matthew Holt 

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