The weirdest part about the original voltron, and something that aggrivated many fans of the original... including myself. Was the fact that every pilot had a uniform that was the color of one of the lions, but they did not pilot the lion that matched their uniform.... except pidge and hunk.

Pidge/green - Green Lion Hunk/orangish, yellow - Yellow Lion Sven/black - Blue lion Lance/blue - Red Lion Keit/red - Black Lion Allura/pink because girl - Blue Lion

In every subsequent voltron project this was fixed with the obvious solution of making them have new uniforms that matched the color of the lion... And it worked, kinda..What impressed me is that Legendary Defender took a completely opposite approach with this oddity... instead of changing the uniform, they changed the lion

Pidge/green - Green Lion Hunk/orangish, yellow - Yellow Lion Shiro/black - black lion Lance/blue - blue Lion Keith/red - red Lion

What is brilliant about this... as a fan of the original... Is that I would identify the characters with the color of their uniforms. By not changing the color of the uniform they feel more like the original characters because of this.

Almost every single alteration to Legendary Defender... is one that was made in a brilliant and awesome way, and it works. This in my opinion is the most brilliant change that they made... and yet, I cannot help but wonder? Was this done on purpose?

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