Here are somethings I have for a fanfic. I just hope you like it:

Quest for Robin (Series)

Two mysterious people appear in Twilight Town. One of them is a witch who sends Roxas' spirit to another world in another time, causing Axel to plunge the whole world into an eternal winter. Xion, not wanting to see her home be trapped in ice and snow, seeks help from the second stranger, Keith. Now Xion must go find Roxas' spirit in the form of three Robins. Once Xion helps these Robins, they'll only be once thing left to do: Kill the King of Arus.

Avenger no more

Prequel to Quest for Robin, though not completely related. After raiding Castle Ultimacia, Francis Barton and his cousin, Daniel, take the Moon Glass to Arus' Sorceress Memorial. But a dark sorceress tricks Francis into opening the Moon Glass and releasing the Moon Sand that awakened the Voltron Force. Now, Francis and a boy named Rex must find a way to regather the Moon Sand or risk Francis being forced into become a Voltron cadet.

That's what I have so far. Tell me what you think in the comments.

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