So I have a theory. Pidge and Lance must have something going on that's secritive. Or they just like each other. I'd just like to point out that Pidge and Lance have blushed multiple times. Pidge may blush because of something Lance does or says. Same thing goes for Lance.

And now I'd like to share some moments between the two. In the episode, "Tears of the Balmera", Pidge is picked up by Sendak; Lance comes out of unconsciousness to protect her, before falling back in. Lance literally woke up from a coma to save Pidge. In the episode, "Space Mall", Pidge excitedly grabs Lance to get money for a video game. In the episode, "Monsters and Mana",While riding on the Mount Allura summons, Lance sits behind Pidge and stares at her. In the episode, "A Little Adventure", When Lance says the yalmor is ugly, Pidge says she, "thinks it cute, in a creepy, hideous sort of way," and follows up with, "like you Lance." I'm still kind of confused when Pidge said that because I'm not sure if she's flirting or just joking around. In the episode, "The Way Foward", When Pidge is picked by Zethrid to be tortured, Lance jumps to protect her, saying "Don't you touch her!" before being thrown down, and continues to watch her from his position. And finally, In "The Journey Within", As the team hurtles through space, Pidge only clutches to Lance, using both her hands to hold onto his arm.

Trust me, 'THERE ARE SO MUCH MORE MOMENTS'There's still a possible chance that Plance/Pidgance is going to be canon. I'm a multishipper though. I ship Klance, Kidge, and thats probably it. But, I only want Plance/Pidgance to be endgame. Okay now people, it took me about 30 minutes to type all of this. I took the time out of my day to share this with you. Peace PlanceVibes out!!!

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