Okay, so this is just a cool idea that the writers of Voltron may want to consider as a cool alien creature.

It had a long sleek body, 10 feet in length. Large emerald eyes sit deep within the creature's long, hard skull, which gives the creature a rather intimidating looking appearance. Several small central horns sit atop its head, just above its large, dog-like ears. Large fan-like skin and bone structures runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines. Its nose is raised slightly and has two long, angular nostrils and there's a small crystal on its bottom jaw. Several rows of large teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and show a glimpse of the terror hiding inside. Fangs long as swords extrude from the upper jaw, then fold back like a snake. That is were the poison glands are kept. A lean neck runs down from its head and into a short body. The top is covered in scale-like skin and rows of crystal growths runs down its spine. Its bottom is covered in small scales and is colored much darker than the rest of its body. Four slender limbs carry its body and allow the creature to stand noble and intimidating. Each limb has 6 digits, each of which end in pointy claws seemingly made of onyx. Giant wings that are actually fins grow starting from just below its shoulders and end at the end of its shoulder blades. The wings are scythe-shaped, the skin of the wings seems to glow as if made from crystal itself and armor-like scales grow on top of the wing's primary bones. Its elegant tail ends in a single tendril and is covered in the same scale-like skin as its body. Its scales are merely a ruse for the thick black spines it has hidden deep within its spinal cord, which protrude whenever the Viexurt is threatened.

It would basically look like a super modified sea dragon. It would be a cool idea.

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