Me: Incomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! *crash-lands on Earth* ...Ow @~@

Lance: Uh, did you guys hear that? 

Pidge: Yeah, I did. *looks outside* What the quiznak?! Is that a spaceship?!

Hunk: Oh, noooooooooo! Not more alien invasions! Dealing with ONE alien empire is enough!

Shiro: Hold on now, guys. We can't assume this person is an enemy. Maybe they need help. 

Keith: Stay sharp, team. We can't be too careful. 

~The team carefully stalks up to the spaceship~

Pidge: ...So, who's opening it?

Lance: Not it!

Keith: Nope.

Shiro: I'll pass.

Pidge: Not doing it!

Hunk: Not i--ah, quiznak. 

Lance: Welp, it was nice knowing you, Hunk. You were a great yellow paladin.

Hunk: Wait, WHAT?!

Shiro: *slaps the back of Lance's head* Knock it off, Lance! Hunk, if anything happens, we'll be right behind you.

Hunk: *gulps* goes...! *opens pod*

Me: @~@ 

Keith: It's...a ninja?

Lance: HOKAY, time to lay off the space booze for a while.

Pidge: What the heck is a ninja doing in outer space?

Shiro: Well, maybe we can take them in, get some answers out of them. If they're a threat, we already know how to deal with them. But if they're innocent...we'll do all we can to help.

Keith: The Blades can handle this one easily. You guys head back and-


Keith: What the-?!

Nifa (my Voltron OC): *jumps out of the back of the pod with a huge sack* Sorry about this, guys! *bags all the paladins in one go*

Me: HA! We got 'em!

Nifa: *shoves the squirming sack into the trunk* I can't believe you're actually going through with this. Are you sure an AoD is a good idea? I mean, hardly anyone pays attention to the blog posts on this wiki...

Me: Perhaps not...but my old show has faded and the questions are gone...besides, a ton more people are into Voltron anyways. This will be LOADS of fun! Now, start the launch sequence! We're goin to Raion!

Nifa: *sigh* The team's going to kill me for this...*closes the pod and takes off*

Me: Ta-daaaaaaaaaa! A new AoD show has arisen! You may remember me from the MC:SM AoD show as well, but that old thing has sank and said its sweet goodbyes. But with every down, there's an up! Introducing: Voltron AoD! Give me your dares, ask your questions! Anything is possible! And, as always, enjoy the episodes to come! Till then, fellow WIkiers! Laters!

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