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OptimusMagnus is, if you couldn't guess by the Username, a pretty big fan of many portions of the Transformers franchise, but not all of it-there are portions or elements within portions that I can't stand. I am also something of a Voltron fan, though admittedly it's not one of my more involved franchises.

Voltron and Me

My first encounter with Voltron came in the form of Voltron: The Third Dimension; looking back now it was terrible CGI and undoubtedly horrendous plot, but I remember loving it when I watched it. I've seen maybe one episode or so of Voltron: Defender of the Universe, and saw quite a few episodes of Voltron Force, but have to say that I'm not the hugest fan of the latter. I haven't seen anything that isn't Lion Voltron, so I honestly can't say anything about the Voltron Vehicle Force or Voltron Gladiator Force lines. However, so far I am loving Voltron: Legendary Defender and hope it continues to be as enjoyable as I've found it thus far.

My Favorites

  • Favorite Voltron: Lion Voltron, though mostly it's because it's pretty much the only version I've seen; Stealth Voltron was an interesting if lackluster variant. I don't know if I can pick out a favorite Lion given their similarities, but green is my favorite color.
  • Favorite Voltron Pilot: depends on the series, I guess:
    • Defender of the Universe: ...haven't seen enough to know, though I'm intrigued by Sven.
    • The Third Dimension: don't remember much, but I imagine Pidge was pretty high up there; the green thing and his nerdiness were big influences.
    • Voltron Force: Gonna say Keith; the kids seemed more annoying than anything.
    • Legendary Defender: I'm loving Shiro, though honestly the majority of the team is pretty sweet apart from Lance, but he's supposed to be annoying so it works. The fact that
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Pidge has been reimagined as a girl is pretty cool as well, though I was a tad disappointed when I realized that it was her and her brother in that photo and not the boyfriend-girlfriend connection Lance had made previously.

Other Interests

  • Transformers (as stated)
  • DC and Marvel characters and concepts (I don't read the comics and the movies get less likeable as time goes by in my opinion)
  • Star Wars (for the most part)
  • Star Trek (not everything, but quite a few things)
  • Some video games
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