About me

I'm a Voltron fan from way back, and I'm trying to build this Wiki into something good.

On The Official Voltron Forum I'm GrantB, as I am on and most other places.

On Wikipedia, however, I'm GrantBnet, because some other GrantB got there first.

My homepage is, and it sorely needs work.

My Contributions

Useful links

TODO list (in priority order)

Any TODOs beyond this are premature, but there is still much content to be added (toys, character details, board game, etc).

Research materials (aka stuff I own that I plan to cover)

  • Matchbox 1983-ish Deluxe Lion set with box and inserts
  • Matchbox Vehicle Voltron with box (beat up, and alas, no instructions or inserts)
  • Matchbox black and blue Gladiator Voltron robot in box
  • Matchbox red Gladiator Voltron, loose
  • Trendmasters 1998-ish Voltron toy with box and inserts
  • Comics
    • DDP all comic issues
    • DDP vol 1 TPB
    • DDP Omnibus hardcover
    • DDP "A Legend Forged" comics and TPB
    • Modern Comics issues (all 3)
  • Voltron Lion DVD tin box sets (all 5)
  • Voltron Vehicle DVDs box sets (all 3)
  • Golion DVD box sets (all 3)
  • Dairugger DVDs as they come out
  • Vintage boxes for Matchbox Green/Yellow Lion set and Blue/Red Lion set
  • The old Voltron board game (in pretty rough condition but complete)
  • V3D black and yellow lions (MISB!)
  • SDCC-exclusive Vehicle Voltron vinyl figure, black version



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