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Honerva, formally the Galran Empress and the witch Haggar, was an Altean user of dark magic and the former high priestess of the Druids serving the Galra Empire. She acted as an advisor to Zarkon and later recalled her memories as his former wife. She helped save him and keep him alive with her magic, yet Zarkon was still killed by his son Lotor, who hated Haggar almost as much as Zarkon. Following the loss of her son at the hands of Voltron, Haggar, now reverted back to Honerva, withdrew from the Galra Empire, taking the Alteans from the colony formed by Lotor and training them to hate both Voltron and the Galra. She had them Pilot her Komar Mechs and sent one to Earth.

Following this, she prepared to unleash her endgame: to live in an alternate reality with her husband and son alive and well, with no Voltron or Galra, but at the cost of all other realities.

After using Oriande to bring back Lotor's Sincline mech, she found her son dead, but used his Mech and fused it with her one, allowing her to piece reality irised now and reach her perfect world, only to be rejected by a young Lotor, who knew that she was not the Honerva of his reality. Broken and shunned, Honerva devised to wipe out all reality in existence and went to the Source of all Reality and began cutting off different realities. She was stopped by Voltron, and Allura convinced her it was not the way, and that she was once good and could be so again, and that they could fix the lost realities. Honerva and Allura both sacrificed themselves to restore all realities, and Honerva joined her husband and son, finally together again.


Honerva was born on the planet Altea, and was a friend of King Alfor. She learned quick and soon became a skilled and famed alchemist. She was later sent to Daibazaal to study the crater of a comet that fell from the sky the night before. Her studies led her to discover a new power source that could advance the planet beyond any other and that the crater was actually a rift to another reality. On Daibazaal, she met the ruler of the planet, the Galra Emperor, Zarkon. The pair worked together on the study of the meteor and soon fell in love and married. The couple worked with Alfor on the study and soon Honerva became more and more obsessed with it. During this time, she and Zarkon concived a son, naming him Lotor.

One day a massive beast escaped from the rift and she watched in amazement as Voltron was summoned for the first time to stop it. After many years her experiments with the Quintessence became unnerving, one of them was testing it on her sick cat which made it live longer than it naturally should. She then became obsessed with the potential of immortality that Quintessence could give them. Her husband joined her obsession and they tried to convince Alfor of their cause too, but to no avail.During her experiments Honerva grew sick, and told her husband that the only way to save her was to expose her to the Quintessence. And so Zarkon tricked his fellow Paladins into going into the rift in order to save her. But they were both exposed to a combination of an overdose of the substance and the creatures from the other realm.

Presumed dead, Alfor evacuated the planet and gave orders to destroy it in order to close the rift forever. However the two woke up, corrupted by the Quintessence, and Zarkon rallied his armies to take revenge for their planet by destroying Altea, killing his former friend and enslaving the Galaxy. Honerva however, suffered a worse fate. She lost all her memeories, and sat shirvering on the ground draping her cloak over Herself. Zarkon called for a medic, and the Galra medic named Haggar came to help, only for Honerva to grab the medics wrist and suck the Quintessence from her body killing her. Her fellow medic ran in, calling her name "Haggar" over and over.

Later, A doctor asked Honerva if she knew her one name, and she replied with "Haggar". She later gave birth to Lotor, but without her memories of wanting a child, did not want to see her son and he was taken away.


While originally a kind and gentle scientist and Altean alchemist, Honerva's daring and headstrong personality took a turn for the maniacal when she began delving deeper into her experiments involving quintessence, and slowly her mind and body began to warp into the being known today as Haggar. She began pushing the limits of the lifespans of several species, including herself, Kova, and even her husband, Zarkon. These alterations twisted the once harmless and charming scientist into a destructive mad sorceress obsessed with her work concerning immortality.

The consequence of being brought back to life in the Quintessence Field by dark entities, along with her long life and obsession with her work, has Honerva's memories become shrouded in her new persona, Haggar, and she eventually loses all knowledge and memory of her previous life, like when she was unable to recognize her original form in Zarkon's memories; however, there appears to be remaining traces of the person she once was. This shows when after Haggar recognizes Zarkon as her husband for the first time in untold years, her voice shifted to resemble her original voice, and carried a loving caress in it for her king and love. Even before remembering her love for him, Haggar's affections for Zarkon did carry over into her current personality enough to worry for the Galran emperor's mental health due to his obsession with capturing the Black Lion of Voltron, and his utter disregard for tactics by attempting to pilot his unsafe and life-threatening mech suit.

Other than her love for Zarkon, Haggar is a twisted and ruthless sorceress, sadistic in her research, which among other things includes creating prosthetic limbs, developing new methods for quintessence extraction, and interrogating prisoners. Haggar's raw intellect and over 10,000 years of experience have left her all but peerless in her skills, causing her to be immensely confident when dealing with anyone near her level. This was most prominently shown when she inadvertently unlocked Allura's latent mystical potential, and the younger Altean was able to overpower her, shocking and terrifying the dark sorceress to the point of retreating.

She has been shown to be somewhat mistrusting of her son's judgment as Emperor Pro Tem, due to Lotor's similar single-mindedness to his father, causing Haggar to question his priorities. However, following Zarkon's comatose state following his defeat at the hands of Voltron, Haggar had Lotor summoned. Her reasons for doing so were primarily based in keeping the Galra Empire united, as the Voltron Alliance managed to shake the decentralized Galran forces enough to free dozens of planets. Her concern for galactic domination shows that her loyalties to Zarkon extend to preserving his life's work, and that her reliance on her son to act as the face of the Empire is an extension of her will to keep her husband's ambitions from crumbling to ruin.

Haggar appears to suffer from dissociative amnesia, as over time she forgot everything regarding the relationships she had as Honerva, including her marriage to Zarkon and even the birth of her own son, Lotor. Since reawakening much of her long-buried personality, Haggar has been using quintessence periodically to unlock more memories, including those of her own child and her relationship to him. In these lucid moments when the dormant personality of Honerva is in control she is shown to deeply care about her son. It is also likely that she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, as she often speaks of Honerva as if she is a distinctly different person.

Despite resuming her original identity as Honerva that included shifting back to her Altean appearance upon regaining all of her memories and passing the trials at Oriande, she still remains the mad witch seeking to continue her experimentation with quintessence.


Honerva was born an Altean, thus she has chameleon abilities and is a proficient magic wielder. Her transformation into the witch Haggar have made her magical powers much stronger and darker after she became corrupted by several hundreds of ancient dark entities. By constantly treating her body with quintessence, she has prolonged her life beyond its natural end for more than ten thousand years.

She can use her mystical powers to teleport herself, enhance speed and mobility, use illusions to confuse and cloud the minds of her opponents, perceive the universe to find certain beings, and channel dark energy to project beams and form shields in battle, levitate objects and people, detect lies spoken when interrogating someone, drain life energy, steal souls, and reawaken people in near-death states. She also makes use of magical circles to perform her dark sorcery on a much wider range. Also, Haggar can turn others into her pawns linked to her mind through touch or eye contact, by infusing them with a dark entity like her own, allowing her to see and hear everything they do through viewing windows to spy on others, read thoughts, see their memories, possess them entirely to control their actions, or put them to sleep at will.

Haggar is also a highly intelligent alchemist who experiments with science and robotic elements using quintessence in order to create powerful devices and mechanisms used by the Galra Empire to battle Voltron and extract quintessence from planets. The most notable are her giant Robeasts and the Komar, as well as Shiro and Sendak's robotic arms. Additionally, she has also produced thousands of Shiro clones and used an amplifier device to manipulate Naxzela's terraforming plant with a magic ritual.

After passing the trials on Oriande, Haggar has gained even greater magical abilities and alchemic knowledge, which she has used to turn back to a full Altean, which makes her capable of using a teludav to generate wormholes like Allura. Her magic has become even more powerful as the reborn Honerva, with the strength of the dark entity inside her and the knowledge of Oriande at her disposal. She capable of vaporizing many Galra through an expanded magic circle, controlling Lotor's Sincline at will, divining information through realities using sacrificial spells, and performing greater rituals that lets her pull massive objects from across time and space, and converge two mechs into one that shares each one's abilities. With assistance from the colony Alteans, Honerva is able to build Komar Robeasts piloted by them, galactic Komars, her pyramid structure that can travel through wormholes, and her personal Komar mech that enhances her magic and is capable of piercing the barrier between realities.


  • Haggar's true nature as an Altean was revealed when Allura managed to take down her hood during their battle. It is not known how her Altean mimicking abilities relate to her current appearance, which appears to be the result of "dying" from over-exposure to quintessence and the dark creatures of a trans-reality rift. She is shown to being able to revert the skin color of her face and eye color to that of her original appearance, while her hands remain blue, though in "Omega Shield", she can fully revert her skin (including her hands) and eye color to her original appearance after her visit to Oriande.
  • She is fiercely devoted to Emperor Zarkon, risking her life to unleash a massive, quintessence-draining spell against Voltron during their battle with him. It has been revealed that she is his past wife and the mother of his son, Lotor.
  • Her original identity, Honerva, is a reference to her name in Go-Lion.
  • After the death of her husband in "Blood Duel", Haggar is the only villain to appear in every season so far, even if her season 7 appearance in "The Feud!" was an illusion.
  • She, along with Zarkon, Lotor and Morvok, appear in the Season 7 Episode, The Feud!, as illusions. All four disappear when the paladins win.
  • During flashbacks as seen in The Legend Begins, Haggar is voiced by Lily Rabe instead of Cree Summer. Executive staff explains that a different voice actor was chosen to represent how Haggar is not the original person she once was. [1]
    • As Haggar regained her identity as Honerva, she is once again voiced by Lily Rabe.


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Haggar was originally an Altean named Honerva who King Alfor claimed was the best alchemist in Altea. When a comet fell from the sky over Planet Daibazaal, King Alfor invited her to lead the scientific investigation into the alternate reality rift it created. Honerva came to Daibazaal with her cat Kova and caught the attention of the planet's ruler, Zarkon. Honerva began researching the rift and eventually discovered Quintessence.

However, many years of exposure to Quintessence began to corrupt Honerva's mind and body to the point where she became seriously ill. As she lay deliriously on her sickbed, she convinced her husband to enter the rift using Voltron.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Blood Duel

While standing in a pool of Quintessence, Haggar began having visions of her lost memories: first of herself, heavily pregnant and being examined by a medic. She wearily turns to see Zarkon asking if the child can be saved despite the many complications. Next she turns to see a purple-skinned, white-haired infant crying in a lonely cot. Haggar gasps as she hears a child laughing and sees a young boy running away from her. She runs toward the boy and stops in front of a man with his back to her - the man turns and it's Lotor.

Season Six

Season Seven

Haggar, formerly Empress Honerva, is a mysterious witch of the Galra Empire serving directly under Zarkon as the high priestess leading a group of Druids. Haggar is the creator of the Robeasts sent to defeat Voltron, and used Shiro as an experiment while he was captive, giving him his prosthetic arm. She was originally an Altean alchemist who ruled as Zarkon's wife on Planet Daibazaal.


Haggar has the appearance of a slender, small humanoid woman with dark blue skin, yellow eyes, and long white hair - although she largely conceals herself under a purple and yellow cloak and carries herself in a hunched posture. Underneath her hood, no irises or pupils are visible in Haggar's eyes, and she has long red markings that extend from her prominent cheekbones down across her lips, nearly reaching her chin, on either side of her face. Haggar's face is angular and she has a noticeably convex nose. Her hair is kept slicked back and draped over her shoulders, long enough to fall across her chest. Her ears are large and pointed, more so than known Alteans. Her strange appearance is because of her deadly experience with Quintessence and the trans-reality rift.[2]

Aside from her cloak, Haggar wears a black and yellow dress with a high collar, long sleeves, and a frayed skirt; over the dress, she wears purple and yellow robes, split at the back in a winged design.

Prior to her transformation, Honerva had the appearance of a slender Altean woman with light brown skin and pale purple hair. As an Altean, her ears were pointed at the top rather than rounded, and she had small sickle-shaped marks of red situated on her cheekbones, right under each of her gold eyes. The pupils of her eyes had a noticeable lavender color in the center of them. Honerva kept her hair tied back in a bun with her bangs swept to the right of her face, with a cluster of long strands dangling in front of her ears. As time passed and she became affected by Quintessence, Honerva's ears grew more pointed and her red facial markings began changing to the witch's appearance.

Honerva initially wore a white and blue Altean tunic accented with teal, a gray utility belt with a single pouch, and gray pants and boots. When she became the Galran empress, Honerva wore gray and maroon robes accented with black, yellow, and bright red over gray pants and boots. Within Zarkon's memories, she is seen wearing a purple and white bridal gown accented with yellow and red, as well as a white veil with a yellow and red headband.


Haggar has a cold personality with little concern for living creatures and the planets they inhabit. She uses her abilities and technological creations to extract Quintessence from entire planets, turning them into inhospitable wastelands. With her unwavering loyalty to Zarkon and his empire, Haggar shows no doubts over the Empire's destructive reign; the fact that Zarkon trusts her word more than that of his commanders speaks volumes about their similar villainous personalities. She has even been seen watching the violent gladiatorial games at the emperor's side. Haggar has a desire to capture Voltron for Zarkon's plans, and is a tactician cautious but firm in dealing with the powerful spacecraft, advising the emperor on the best course of action. She remains wary of the emperor's growing obsession with the Black Lion and how it blinds him to his strained health and anything else happening within the Empire, but willingly follows his orders regardless.

She delights in using the dark and hateful emotions of others to her benefit, convincing Myzax to become a Robeast solely for revenge,[3] and using Shiro's rage and overwhelming fear against him.[4] Her cruelty shows further in her preference for experimenting on biological life forms, turning them cybernetic with enhanced military-based artillery; Haggar has no problem discarding "failed" experiments either, as she attacks Shiro with intent to kill, appearing angered that he could once have been the Empire's "greatest weapon".[4] Her loyalty to Zarkon appears to be something more than seeing him as a tool for her own goals like that of her experiments, as she rescues him from his broken robotic suit when he is defeated by Voltron, and hooks him up to a machine to infuse his body with Quintessence, saving his life.[5] This is the only act of any suggested empathy seen from the witch, and is highlighted by her former status as Zarkon's wife - a past she has long forgotten but has started to recall.

In her former days as Honerva, she was a friendly, charming, and highly inquisitive scientist willing to push any boundaries to discover more about the very fabric of existence, Quintessence, and the Alternate Realities found within rifts created by Trans-Reality Comets.[2] She and Zarkon held a deep love for each other, but her work quickly became a deadly obsession that her husband only encouraged, leading to their downfall. Haggar has appeared shocked by the recollection, and seems wary of it, keeping the truth of her past a secret from everyone, until she remembers that Lotor is her son and becomes obsessive about him.[6] Her loyalty to Zarkon is finally broken; she plots against her former husband to ensure his defeat, Lotor's survival, and her son's ascension to the throne using Shiro and Sendak.[7][8][9]



Central Command Ship
The massive warship functioning as the headquarters of the Galra Empire.
A device at the bottom of the Central Command Ship used to extract Quintessence from entire planets.
Regularly used to create Robeasts to battle Voltron.

Skill Set


While not the most physically imposing member of the Galra Empire and not wielding any physical weapon for combat, Haggar is a fearsome witch who serves as Zarkon's adviser and holds authority over most of the Empire's military elite. Although weak in physical strength and defense, after being caught in a massive explosion, Haggar returns apparently unscathed.[10] Contrasting her weak strength, her intellect stats are maxed.[11]

Haggar is a highly intelligent scientist with a penchant for brutal experimentation, as she and her Druids are the ones responsible for creating the more nefarious mechanisms of the Galra Empire, such as the Robeasts and the Komar, as well as Shiro and Sendak's prosthetic arms.[12] With the assistance of her Druids, she uses several devices to amplify her magic or powers them through magic itself, and this ingenious combination makes her a powerful foe.[13][1] Her extensive scientific knowledge is no doubt the result of her history as an Altean scientist who deeply studied Trans-Reality Comets and the rifts they create, and most of all, the nature of Quintessence.[2]

As a witch heavily exposed to Quintessence and entities from the trans-reality rift, Haggar is a proficient wielder of dark magic in a variety of ways.

Other Abilities

Her magic allows Haggar to create immaterial clones of herself, and once she invades an enemy's mind, other illusions that disorient her enemies.[4][7]
Haggar can shoot beams of dark energy from her hands and attack with concentrated dark energy in her claws that can break through Paladin armor and leave painful glowing wounds.[4][14] The dark energy can be used to power devices directly or remotely, be amplified by devices, or even be manifested for simple tasks such as acting as mirrors for herself.[13][1][7] This magic holds an apparent weakness in Allura, who is seemingly able to absorb the dark energy, purify it, and use it against the witch.[5]
Be it from the nature of her corruption, death, and revival, or be it Altean mimicking, Haggar can revert her skin and eyes to their natural colors and quickly return to her corrupted appearance.[7]
She is sensitive to the various energies of the universe and has used this to detect both the Blue Lion's energy light-years away and the Altean energy of Allura and Coran through her magic rituals.[15] Likely because of her exposure to both a Trans-Reality Comet and the entities of a rift, Haggar is able to detect when someone has had contact with a Trans-Reality Comet by sensing its energy upon them.[7] Her magic allows Zarkon to search the universe for the Black Lion by using his connection to the Lion as a medium.[16][17][18] [8][19][20] Haggar uses her scrying abilities on herself to recover her lost memories.[6]
The scrying aspect of Haggar's nature also allows her to form dark magic orbs to act as mystical video feeds from those she possesses with her magic to act as her eyes and ears.[7][6] Haggar is capable of entering another's mind in order to read their thoughts, see their memories, or possess them entirely and influence their actions, and this is possible through direct contact or seemingly from looking in her eyes.[2][7][6][8][19][20]
Unique apart from the Druids, Haggar has the ability to teleport; the max range of this ability is not known, but she seemingly can teleport well within the total size of the massive Central Command Ship.


  • The pronunciation of her true name, Honerva, entails a silent "H".
  • Haggar originally owned Kova, who has been given to Narti.[2]
  • Honerva can be seen in the Black Lion's memories working on the Lion.[18]
  • Most of Haggar's experiments involve a blend of magic and technology. She is one of few characters shown to have apparent magical capabilities rather than relying on advanced technology alone. The other known characters are Haggar's Druids, Allura, and the Krell Sorceress.
  • During flashbacks, Haggar is voiced by Lily Rabe instead of Cree Summer. Executive staff explains that a different voice actor was chosen to represent how Haggar is not the original person she once was.[21]
  • Haggar is based on the character Haggar of the previous Voltron franchises, who in turn was based on the character Honerva of Beast King GoLion.



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