Unnamed Galra Commander, as his title would suggest, is a luitenant commander affiliated with the Galra Empire. Despite inadvertently playing a critical role in the unification of the Paladins of Voltron, his name has never been revealed.


Unnamed Commander is a male-coded, taller-than-average Gala with humanoid features. He has purple skin with black moles on his left check and right temple. He has a square jaw, high cheekbones and a pronounced brow with a scar. He has double-finned, elvish ears, a snub nose and yellow eyes. He has a series of black fins or horns running down the middle of his cranium.

Unnamed Commander wears a grey and black suit of armour over a black bodysuit. The chestpate is decorated with the pink symbol of a lieutenant commander: two sickle shapes with a capitol 'Y' shape in the middle. The chestplate tapers into an inverted triangle that ends just under his ribs. He's wearing a belt made from the same armour. He has inflated grey shoulder pads and matching forearm protectors. The collar on his armour is black and wide-set, revealing the bodysuit underneath. He has grey armour on his legs, black knee pads, and glowing pink diamonds on his elbows and biceps.


Unnamed Commander is every bit as cold and ruthless as a Galra Commander is expected to be. He abducts Shiro, Sam, and Matt during their expedition to Kerberos, and sentences them to a life in the Galdiator Pits without deliberation or empathy. However, he shows ignorance when he fails to report the significance of humans improving their capabilities of space travel; the threat their participation in the Resistance could pose to the supremancy of the Galra Empire.

Again, Unnamed Commander underestimates his human opponents when he allows the Blue Lion - containing the soon-to-be Paladins of Voltron - to leave Earth and wormhole to Arus.

Unnamed Commader's final mistake is misjudging the priorities of the Empire. When his moon base was destabilising, he removed his personell and retreated to the main fleet. He saw it as a demonstration of initiative and a meritous conservation of resources. Unfortunately, Zarkon interpreted the move as a sign of weakness, and had him dragged away by sentries to his presumed execution.


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