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Tyler Labine is the voice actor of Hunk. He is not only a voice actor, but also an actor, music producer, and MC.

Official Bio

Segueing effortlessly between the big and small screens, Tyler Labine is no stranger to audiences around the world. A native of Canada, Labine began his career at the age of nine booking parts on television and professional theatre in Toronto, Ontario. He moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and continued to work in television and film. He splits his time between Vancouver and Los Angeles.

From THE X-FILES to REAPER to INVASION, from THE RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES to TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL to, most recently, THE BOSS with Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell, Labine's body of work runs the board from drama to comedy. Also a talented music producer and MC, Labine is a part of two bands. He formed the hip-hop band Self-Dep with his brother Kyle, Geoff Gustafson and Ryan Robbins and Demons are Real is an electro/indie/pop band he created with his brother Cameron.[1]

Voice Roles

When auditioning for Hunk, Labine has said that there was some hesitancy about having someone his age with a gruff voice perform the role of a teenager around 17.[2] He thinks Hunk is a character who acts as a peacemaker who tries to smooth over tense or dark situations with food and humor, using cooking to bring people together.[3] During recording, Labine finds it easier to record Hunk in comedic scenes, but more difficult to handle subtle and emotional scenes where tone of the character is needed along with earnest emotions.[4] The moment when Hunk speaks to Shay at the end of Rebirth is the moment Labine realized there was more to Hunk than he thought.[4]


  • Labine considers Lotor to be one of the most complex, complicated, and well-written villains on TV.[5]

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