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Twyla was a young girl made a slave on Planet Doom who made a deal with King Zarkon, where if she and her brother managed to destroy Arus, the slaves of Doom would go free. Twyla pretended to escape from planet Doom and get shot down over Arus by Scorpion ships. Hunk rescued and took her to the Castle of Lions to heal.

In the middle of the night she snuck out of the infirmary and found the missile room. Planting a bomb, although she placed the bomb on a rocket booster that was successfully launched. Her brother was turned into a Robeast and was defeated by Voltron. After her brother's death, Twyla was able to go back to her own planet.


  • In the original Beast King GoLion episode "Girl of the Land of Evil", Twyla's name was Lisa, as she was a survivor of the thermonuclear war that left Earth a lifeless wasteland.
  • Twyla's suicide near the end of her debut episode was removed from the Voltron episode. In the original, Hunk urged her to join in the fight against Daibazaal (Zarkon's GoLion counterpart), however she instead chooses to step off the cliff the two were standing on. This sequence was removed and it was explained to the audience that Twyla had been allowed to go home to her own planet (a planet other than Earth).
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