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Commodore Trayling was an extraordinary Altean scientist and explorer who commanded a deep-space shuttle in the search for the trans-dimensional comet.


Trayling is a male-coded Altean with humanoid features. He has pale skin with teal Altean markings. He has grey hair with a distinguished white streak, a shaggy Dutch beard and bushy eyebrows. He has a bulbous nose and broad, elf-like ears.

Trayling wears an older variant of Paladin armour with a black skivvy underneath. The variant is white with green, luminescent highlights, and blue accents. It has a wide-set white collar, with a cushy blue layer on the inside. He acessorises with a gold monocle.


Trayling is a wise, experienced explorer and scientist, but not an expert on trans-dimensional comets. When he loads the artefact onto his ship, he underestimates it's destructive capabilities, and the resulting explosion kills him and his crew, and creates a rift between dimensions.

Trayling is also a distinguished and trustworthy man, as he was sent into space at the request of King Alfor himself, and was given an advanced Altean Tel-Galax deep-space shuttle to complete his mission.


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