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Toynami is an American toy company that has released several Voltron toys and collectibles. In the early 2010's Toynami temporarily lost the Voltron license after Mattel claimed it. However, after Mattel discontinued its partnership shortly after the Voltron Matty Collector line was finished, Toynami was given back the license.

Masterpiece line

Toynami released the Masterpiece Voltron to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary. It is a piece aimed at collectors that includes die-cast content in areas faithful to the original combining Lion Force Voltron toy released in the 80's. The toy was remade in plastic and the die-cast version was re-issued five years later for the 25th anniversary.

The 30th anniversary upgrade version featured LED light eyes, lion weapons, and display stand. Outside of what was listed, there were no initial engineering changes to the figure overall.

Other combining Voltron toys

Outside of the Masterpiece molds, Toynami has released other combining Voltron toys.

  • Super Deformed Transformable Lion Force Voltron - A super deformed proportion Voltron with individually transforming lions.
  • Ultimate EX Voltron - A 16" hyper-stylized Voltron made from all plastic. It also has alternative "stealth" repaint version.
  • I-Men - Small collectible figures package with the Lion Force pilots and their respective lion.

Non-combining collectibles

The original packaging for "Goraion" by Dream EX that would later become an officially licensed toy

  • Voltron Super Poseable Action Figure - The figure was originally an unofficial toy by Dream EX[1] as "Goraion" in China. The toy was later officially licensed by Toynami with changes including slightly different paint and a new base with the official name.
  • Voltron 30th Anniversary 24" Jumbo Vinyl - A vinyl toy that features rolling wheels on its feet and firing fists.

Shogun Warriors

During the time Mattel had the Voltron license from 2010 to 2012, Toynami got the rights to the name "Shogun Warriors" originally released by Mattel in the 70s.[2] However, as Mattel had the "Voltron" license, Toynami used their original original Japanese names in marketing for "Go Lion" and "Dairugger XV".

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