This article is about the Galra commander as he appears in Legendary Defender. For a list of other meanings, see Throk (disambiguation).

Throk is a character featured in Voltron: Legendary Defender. He first appeared as a background character along with Zarkon's other Galra commanders in the first two seasons.

In the third season, he plots to overthrow Lotor and claim the throne of the Galra Empire, but the Prince easily defeats him in single combat and has him banished to the Ulippa system. Later on, Lotor's generals invade and successfully steal the remnants of the giant teludav from Throk's base, leaving him to face the consequences of failure at the hands of Haggar with the Druids non-fatally shocking him as a punishment in order for him to suffer.

Abilities and Powers


Throk is apparently a skilled swordsman, with Lotor noting his form was flawless. Despite this, he is no match for Lotor.


  • His name was revealed in the character guide released on the official Voltron website prior to being spoken in the series.[1]
  • He is seen in the background of scenes during the first two seasons, but only achieves a speaking role in the first episode of season three.
  • It was implied that he was killed off screen after being shocked by Haggar's Druids in "Tailing a Comet", but it was later revealed that he is still alive and is still shocked non-fatally as a punishment in "Black Site".