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Episode 57

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The Traitor
Air date October 25th of 1985
Episode Transcript

The Traitor is the fifty-seventh episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Plot Summary

Planet Doom is in need of Lazon. Zarkon sends out an expedition to the desert planet Zaul to mine for it.

Among the slaves sent to Zaul is Joran a slave who used to be a soldier from a planet aligned with Zarkon. After some arguing the other slaves, they attack Joran and he falls off a ledge. He is saved from dying from his injures by Omnia. A woman who lives in an hidden underground city on Zaul.

Omnia explains to Joran that the elaborate city was built underground after Prince Lotor's first attempt to destroy the planet when he was a boy, turning it into a desert wasteland.

Hearing the planets distress call the Voltron Force arrives and plans an assault on the new Lazon processing plant to destroy it. Joran explains to the team and Omnia about his past he expects them to shun him. Instead they ask him for his help in fighting Zarkon and his forces. After the forces of Doom and Voltron begin fighting. Joran choses to help Voltron and Omnia's people.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Other Arusians

Planet Doom



"The attack was terrible. We had to run for our lives. It was Prince Lotor's first command. He was still only a boy, but he was already as ruthless as Zarkon himself. Some of us managed to escape, but I had to leave my family behind. We dedicated this city to them."


Pidge: "Uh Keith, what does your watch say?"
Keith: "It's time to form Voltron!"

Notes and Goofs

  • We learn that Lotor started his military career as a boy, and Zaul was one of the first planets he conquered.
  • Young Lotor's hair is colored red during the flashback, either a coloring error, or Lotor changed his hair later.
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