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The Shell Game is the fifty sixth episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Plot Summary

It's a quiet peaceful night on planet Arus. The peace is interrupted by another attack from an angry King Zarkon. A crustacean-like Robeast is unleashed on Arus and it attacks a city. Despite Keith having a hard time awakening Hunk. The Voltron Force quickly rush to the scene to protect the people.

During the battle Keith is hurt and the Black Lion damaged. When Keith tries to get the Black Lion moving again, something seems to be slowing it down. Pidge speculates that magic is involved.

They attempt to use the Lions to first lure the Robeast away from the city. The Robeast traps the Green and Yellow lions in its claws. It then attacks the others with some kind of foam. The foam traps the Black and red lions. Allura avoids the foam but she and the Blue Lion get knocked out of the sky.

As this is going on, Lotor, Haggar and Cova watch the battle unfold. The top of the Robeast molts, revealing a second Robeast, leaving only a shell behind. Lotor then order the Robeast to attack the castle of lions. The Robeast invades the castle and traps Coran and Nanny inside the control room. Allura gets the Blue Lion working again, and rushes back to the castle to rescue them.

Allura is granted the lion crest key from King Alfor and gives it to the space mice. Allura then takes out the Blue Lion to distract the Robeast as the mice take the key to the control room and place it in the lock of the insignia crest. Once the key is in place a bright light appears and causes the Robeast to back away in pain. Soon the other lions are freed as well. Allura reunite with the others and together they form Voltron.

Voltron fights the Robeast with the Lion Head attack and the Lion Torches. Voltron then finishes the fight by forming the blazing sword and slashing the Robeast in half.

Featured Characters

Voltron Force

Other Arusians

Planet Doom


"I was dreamin' about food. What gives?"
    — Hunk dreams about food, don't we all?

Notes and Goofs

  • When Keith finds Hunk still in bed and wakes him up, Hunk is already in his clothes instead of his pajamas.
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