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Episode 52

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The Road Home
The Road Home
Air date August 10, 2018
Episode Transcript

The Road Home is the second episode of the seventh season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on August 10, 2018.


The Paladins stop at a base that belongs to the Blades, only to find it's been abandoned. But they come under attack before they can investigate.

Plot Summary

Although the Lions are not at fully strength, the Paladins are resolved to head to Earth, a trip that will take one and a half years. Pidge tries to contact the Voltron Coalition but has no luck. After having trouble sorting out who rides in which Lion, they eventually arrive at a Blade of Marmora outpost only to find it long abandoned.

As they try to investigate, the Paladins are attacked by a small Galra fleet. However, with their underpowered Lions, the Paladins are outmatched by the Galra. The Paladins fly into a cyclone and use an ice planet to their advantage in dealing with some of the Galra, but are eventually captured by Lotor's former generals, Ezor and Zethrid.

Featured Characters


"Wonderful. Now everything's covered in wolf drool!"
"Oh yeah, uh, he's uh, super drooly."
    — Allura and Keith discuss Keith's pet Space Wolf

"Exus, plexis, ceedus, flee,
jaydus, nacto, pledum, ree
Joodum, ruu, and leeum too
That puts us just halfway through!
There’s mai-ox, kay, and jibley-way
Afus, nofus, youkus-play
Beefur, leefur, agus-play
At the end, flanko and blee!"
    —Coran and Romelle teach everyone the Altean alphabet song, with...mixed results.



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