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Cover of The Paladin's Handbook

The Paladin's Handbook is a 2017 tie-in book for the Voltron: Legendary Defender franchise published by Simon Spotlight. It provides an overview of the universe presented in the show from seasons 1 and 2 along with short biographies of the main cast.


  1. Welcome, Young Paladin!
  2. Meet the Lions
  3. Meet the Paladins
  4. The Team
  5. The Galra Empire
  6. The Blade of Marmora
  7. Explore the Universe
  8. Learn to Speak Altean
  9. Important Information for Your Paladin Journey
  10. Quiz: Which Lion Will You Pilot as a Paladin of Voltron?


  • Despite the contents of the book including only the first two seasons of the TV series, Lotor appears on page 49 as a teaser for season 3.


  • The book erroneously uses a picture of Rax in place of Shay, whereas Rax's own picture is of another Balmeran.[1]
  • The coverage on the bayards was contradicted in season 3.[3] Whereas the book states that a specific bayard was used for different styles of fighting, the TV series show that they adjust to the whichever paladin is using it.[4]


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