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Episode 49

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The Last of Hys
Episode Transcript

The treacherous Saint has taken over the control room in Castle Gradam, taking Raible and Hys hostage. Outside, Sincline is using a Mecha Beastman and the Giant Interstellar Cannon against Golion.

Japanese title: ヒスの西郷 (Hisu no Saigō)

Plot Summary

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The Golion Team

Galra Empire

Castle Gradam



  • When this episode was edited for Voltron: Defender of the Universe, the revelation that Coran's wife and son were killed was removed to mention that they were sent to another dimension, though Princess Allura still prays in front of the "fake" grave markers.
  • The death of Hys is removed in the Voltron adaptation of the episode.
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