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Episode 68

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The Grudge (Title)
The Grudge
Air date December 14th, 2018
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Acxa struggles in adjusting to the Atlas crew, remaining aloof and distant until she finally feels accepted by Veronica. Meanwhile, the Paladins and Atlas plan to meet up, but when the Paladins arrive at the meeting place, they are ambushed by a Galra ship. Forced to abandon their lions and suits, they struggle to survive without weapons or armor in a toxic environment that will slowly kill them. The Atlas eventually figures out the ruse and arrive in time to help Lance, Allura, Pidge and Hunk. Keith, however, is attacked by the group's leader: Zethrid, who wants revenge on Keith for what he did to her and for taking Ezor from her. She overpowers Keith just as the Atlas crew arrive. Acxa tries to reach out to her former friend, telling her that Ezor left her because of all the hate and anger Zethrid held onto. Zethrid is subdued and imprisoned on the Atlas, where Acxa refuses to give up on her friend as Ezor appears beside her

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  • Ezor is confirmed to be alive when she appears beside Acxa. Confirming that she survived her and Zethrid's last encounter with the Paladin's in "The Way Forward".
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