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Episode 19

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Voltron S2 Title Blade of Marmora
The Blade of Marmora
Air date January 20th, 2017
Written by May Chan
Joshua Hamilton
Episode Transcript

The Blade of Marmora is the eighth episode of the second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was released on Netflix along with the rest of the season on January 20, 2017.


Keith and Shiro travel to a hard-to-find base in an effort to align with the Blade of Marmora. Keith must fight to unlock the truth about his past.

Plot Summary

Upon reaching the HQ of the Blade of Marmora, it is located in a safe spot between two black holes and a blue Supergiant star. Keith and Shiro travel to their base in an effort to align with the Blade of Marmora led by Kolivan and his lieutenant Antok. But Keith's possession of one of their blades causes immediate friction with the Trials of Marmora to resolve them one of two results: knowledge or death. Keith must fight to unlock about his past, and with each fight exhausts himself more and more. When entering a vision of his old home with his father, the outside of the house shows a Galra invasion, giving Keith a choice: stay and learn, or leave and rescue. The Red Lion attacks the base sensing Keith's endangerment, and upon deciding to end this mistrust and gain their alliance, Keith relents his dagger, only for it to awaken its true form of a saber upon his enlightened decision and revealing a truth: Keith has part Galra ancestry. Meanwhile, Commander Thace (the Marmora spy who shutdown the Solar Shield) alerts the Order that the investigation is increasing and the timetable must escalate to now!

Featured Characters


"Guess I really wasn't supposed to go through that door."
    — Keith


  • After being hinted in several episodes, Keith is revealed to be part Galra.


  • Joaquim Dos Santos had heavy influence on the direction and writing of this episode; the flashback of Keith meeting his father came directly from Dos Santos' imagination.[1]


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