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Thayserix is an uninhabited planet of dense, volatile gases and unusual magnetic poles.


Little is known of Thaseryix's history. It is a location used by Lotor to lure the Paladins of Voltron into a trap and consequently is the site of a battle ending in Team Voltron's victory and Lotor's escape.


Thayserix is a spherical, inhospitable planet full of dangerous gases and electromagnetic storms; the planet features towering pillars of rock protruding from swirling white clouds, reaching well into its atmosphere with electric charges jumping between each pillar. The planet has unusual magnetic poles that wreak havoc on any spacecraft's sensors, forcing ships to be re-calibrated to adjust for the unusual activity of the planet.[1] If not adjusted, audio and video communication between spacecraft is nearly impossible unless ships are kept within a short distance of each other, and visibility within the cloud-covered planet is almost nonexistent.[1] If calibrated properly, a ship can keep track of other spacecraft on the planet from orbit.[1]

There are no known inhabitants living on Thayserix. The "surface" of the planet is a maze of rocky spires and volatile gases, including red syntian nitrate, which will combust and cause a dangerous explosion if amplified emissions of light, such as a laser cannon, is fired in its location.[1] The Blue Lion's freeze ray, however, is safe to use near this gas.[1]



  • The areas of the planet that are red in color rather than gray or blue are areas of the dangerous nitrate gas.[1]


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