"Well, so you've managed to form Voltron! He'll be no match for the mightiest robeast in the universe!"

- Prince Lotor provides his assessment of Terrordactyl

Terrordactyl is the Robeast who appeared in the twentieth episode of Lion-Force Voltron, titled "Pidge's Home Planet". It defeated the Yellow, Green, Red, and Black Lions, and might have defeated Voltron himself were it not for the geologic instability of a dying Earth-like planet.


  • Hurricane Force Wings: A single clap of these wings generates hurricane-force winds capable of knocking the flying Voltron Lions out of the sky.
  • Jurassic Blaster: The breath weapon; emits ring-like bursts of energy which are deflected by Voltron's Electro-Saber.
  • Mesozoic Missiles: Rockets over 10' in length fired from launchers located in Terrordactyl's chest. They have the effect of paralyzing the engines of any Voltron Lion struck, resulting in the pilot being unable to locate their sensor defenses. Commenting upon their efficacy, Hunk exclaims that they have "the jolt of a Scorpion Blaster!"
  • Sonic Scream: Has no apparent effect on Voltron or his component lions.
  • Electro-Force Web: Emitted from the robeast's wings, it effectively ensnares and subdues the fully-formed Voltron, rendering him prone and effectively helpless so long as it is maintained.
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