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Use this template at the top of an article which has exactly one other page that it should be disambiguated against.

This template accepts three arguments, in this order:

  1. a short description of the current page's topic
  2. a short description of the other page's topic
  3. the name of the other page

For example, here's how it's used at the top of each of the "Predator Robeast" pages:

Predator Robeast (episode):
{{DisambigHeader2|the ''Voltron Force'' episode|Maahox's five-in-one robeast that first appeared in it|Predator Robeast (mech)}}
Predator Robeast (mech):
{{DisambigHeader2|Maahox's five-in-one robeast|the ''Voltron Force'' episode that featured it|Predator Robeast}}