Use this template for disambiguating core characters and things that are likely to exist in any Voltron continuity. For instance, any of the Voltron team members or lions will likely be present in any new franchises to come.

This way, when the live action movie comes out, we can simply add to this template to automatically update the disambig pages for Keith, Lance, Red Lion, Green Lion, etc.

Disambig pages that should use this:

  • Lion force members: Keith, Pidge, Allura, Hunk, Lance
  • Lions (Red Lion, Green Lion, etc)
  • Coran (probably)
  • Lotor (probably)

Should not use this:

  • Voltron - this'll have way more links than just DotU and Force
  • Daniel, Vince, Larmina, Wade, etc - they're only in Force
  • Nanny - not in Force (at this time)
  • Vehicle Force members - not all members likely to be in a live-action movie or other future franchises

Making sense?

You can add further selections after this template in your page, of course. For instance, see Red Lion (disambiguation), which adds a link to Red Lion (Golion).


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