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{{Character Infobox
|name= Character Name For Infobox Title
|fullname = Use only if real full name exists.
|image= Image of Character
|jp = Kanji of character name.
|ro = Rōmaji of character name.
|aka= Other Used Names
|planet = Home Planet
|species= Human, Drule, Galra, Etc.
|nationality= Nationality
|age= Age Number, Range
|born= Date of Birth
|gender= Male, Female, Other, Etc.
|eyes= Eye Color
|hair= Hair Color
|family= List of Family
|occupation= Role in the Series
|affiliation= Team Voltron, Galaxy Garrison, Galra Empire, Etc.
|mecha= What they pilot/command. i.e. Red Lion, Fighter Jet, etc.
|status= Alive, Deceased, Unknown, etc.
|first= First Episode of Appearance
|voice= Voice Actor
|altver= Counterpart incarnation. If DotU, put Golion counterpart. If anything after DotU, put DotU counterpart.i.e. all DotU characters are based on Golion characters. All characters in The Third Dimension, Voltron Force, and VLD are based on DotU characters.

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