A teludav - aka wormholer - is a device which uses scaultrite lenses to focus and transform energy from an Altean user into a fuel potent enough to generate wormholes.

A teludav works by focusing the energy of a sacred Altean, Such as Allura, and processing it through a crystal matrix. doing so, the Teludav produces a brief flash of Infinite mass, enough to open a hole in space-time. this is the wormhole.

It is the best known form of travel in the universe, known only to Altean Alchemists, and can jump a ship right across the universe in a matter of seconds. Other forms of travel such as a Galra Hyperdrive would take far longer to traverse that distance.

Only The Castle of Lions had the ability to wormhole until Hornerva, having gained the secrets of Altean Alchemy from Oriande, gained the ability to create wormholes herself. Wormholes created by an Altean Teludav were blue in colour, whereas the wormholes Hornerva created were purple, there doesn't seem to be any difference between the two, the colour difference seems to be only to distinguish the two.

The Teludav ultimately caused the destruction of the Castle of Lions, after Lotor's Sincline Mech caused damage to the fabric of reality by accessing the Quintessance Field, Only the power of infinite mass could close it. Koran disabled the Teludav's mass regulator, which caused the device to overload, and create a gravitational singularity as powerful as a supermassive black hole, which closed the tear in reality, and prevented the destruction of the universe.

In doing this, the Castle of Lions was crushed into a tiny Diamond, which had all the energy of a black hole plus the leftover Altean Magic inside it. this Crystal would later go on to power the Castle of Lions successor, the IGF Atlas


  • The Teludav needed the presence of a sacred Altean to operate, But did have the ability to store energy for later use, so could open a wormhole without the presence of the sacred altean, until this leftover energy was used up.
  • Allura mentions that they are ‘several galaxies away’ after using a wormhole to escape Zarkon's command ship in Eye of the Storm, indicating the vast distances this technology is capable of traversing.


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