Team Voltron is group of heroes responsible for piloting Voltron; distributing justice and freeing subjugated people throughout the universe. The team is made up of the five Voltron Paladins as well as their friends and family.


The original Voltron team was comprised of Zarkon, Alfor, Trigel, Gyrgan, and Blaytz. They were selected by Zarkon and Alfor who felt that the universe would soon need protecting. Their role was to help pilot the five Voltron Lions -- weapons created from the powerful Trans-Reality comet.

The team was disbanded when Zarkon and his wife, Hagger, were poisoned by Quintessence and set about enslaving the universe. The remaining three members were killed by Zarkon and only Alfor survived in hologram form.

The current Voltron team is comprised of Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Hunk, and Lance. They were selected by the Blue Lion to continue Voltron's legacy 10,000 years after the death of the original team. Their new mission is to free the universe from Zarkon's grip and restore peace.


Mission Command

The Castle of Lions is a massive spacecraft which houses the Lions of Voltron and acts as Paladin HQ. It was built 10,600 years ago by Coran's grandfather. It's currently piloted by Allura and maintained by Coran. It has superb defensive and offensive capabilities well as the unique ability to create wormholes.


Voltron is a giant robot composed of five mechanical lions. Voltron has the combined strength, speed, and durability of the Lions and is powered by teamwork and cooperation.


The team does not necessarily have a single leader, as different members have taken upon various roles, although it is usually princess Allura, Coran, or the current Black Paladin that acts as a voice of authority. The current leader of the Paladins is Shiro. The fighting force of the Voltron team is comprised of the core members who pilot the Castle of Lions and the Voltron Lions, as well its allies comprising the coalition. The Voltron Coalition denotes those who have allied with the core team to fight against the Galra Empire.[1] It was originally called the Voltron Alliance prior to being organized into an active military force, although not all allies fight.[2]

Known Members

  • Castleship pilot, Advisor: Coran



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