The Taujeerians are a race of large, grub-like humanoids native to the planet Taujeer.


They have four arms, pale greenish-skinned bodies that resemble human sumo wrestlers, a flat paddle-like tail with slightly darker markings, and a singular round 'eye' that flashes when speaking. Their speech is unusual, a robotic monotone, and appears to be the same for all individuals; whether this is an actual biological trait or due to the use of technology to communicate with other species is unknown.


They originated from the planet Taujeer, but when the planet began to self-destruct built an Ark to move their population to a nearby moon. The planned evacuation was disrupted by Commander Morvok's forces, who stole what resources they could before abandoning the Taujeerians to die with their crippled ship. Fortunately, Team Voltron happened to be following a new program Pidge had created to locate Galra activity, and managed to form Voltron in time to lift the ship away from danger.

Later on, the Taujeerians join the Voltron Coalition and participate in the battles to reclaim territory from the Galra Empire.

Known Taujeerians


  • They appear to be inspired by tardigrades, a species known to survive the extreme conditions of space.


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