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Tammy is a little girl who Pidge rescues in "Surrender".

When the witch Haggar called down an ominous crimson rain down upon Arus, Tammy's fellow Arusians began to panic and flee amidst cries of a prophecy of doom.

As most of the Voltron Force tried to keep the effects of the strange weather under control. Tammy met pilots Princess Allura and Pidge while they were on crowd control in her village. As her fellow Arusians stampeded through the streets, Tammy was nearly trampled as her mother was swept away. Pidge did his best to comfort Tammy, taking her with him into the Green Lion.

A Dule Commander droid by the name of Brox, a subordinate of Yuraks' revealed to the Voltron Force that he was holding several Arusians hostage.

During the confrontation, Tammy noticed that her mother was one of the hostages. Brox then broadcast a message to the Voltron Force, asking them to surrender in exchange for the safety of the hostages, and one by one, the Voltron Force gave up.

Pidge, however, had a plan, he dressed up Tammy in his uniform and sent her out in his stead.

When Tammy walked by the group of hostages, she and her mother noticed each other. Brox caught on that something was not right and responded by stunning her mother. Brox was then blasted away by Pidge, who had remained inside Green Lion. Allura retrieved Tammy's mother, but a Robeast arrived and attacked them all.

After the Voltron Force defeated the Robeast, Tammy and her mother bid farewell to the Voltron Force. Tammy now wishing to become a Space Explorer like Pidge.


  • Tammy is small enough that Pidge's flight suit fits her.
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