This page should be renamed. According to the subtitles on the episodes, Kosmo's name is spelled with a K, not a C.

Lostgubbins (talk) 21:02, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

Netflix subtitles are inaccurate. They mispelled Acxa as Auxia and say certain characters are speaking when it's someone entirely different. Staff named the wolf after Cosmo the Space Dog from Marvel. Ruriair (talk) 22:37, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

This needs to be renamed Kosmo. I understand there have been mistakes in the past, but even Bex, who voices Pidge, spells the wolf's name as Kosmo.



Bex has also tweeted calling the wolf Cosmo. Several people who watched with subtitles on Netflix told them that it was spelled Kosmo. I suspect their first tweet is from seeing fans using the K spelling. Until the K spelling shows up in other media, it is being spelled with a C, like the character that inspired staff to name the wolf. Ruriair (talk) 03:03, August 13, 2018 (UTC)

Sure, but being an homage isn't proper proof of identity. The subtitles are the most official source as of right now.


Could someone just add something about the name being spelled "Kosmo" in a trivia section? I feel like it should at least be mentioned somewhere on the main page. Let me know if it can/will be added please! Thank you!

Fangirl the 12th (talk) 06:11, June 28, 2019 (UTC)Fangirl the 12th


Somewhere in the article it should be stated who named Kosmo in the first place: Hunk said "We should name it Kosmo" and then the other palidans (except Keith) agreed.

Fangirl the 12th (talk) 14:59, August 15, 2018 (UTC)Fangirl the 12th

The name is Cosmo with a C not a K.

Some are saying that the cosmic wolf is call "Kosmo" instead of "Cosmo", but just as Acxa is misspelled as Auxia the wolf is Cosmo with a C! Just listen to how they say the wolf's name a few times, its of a C not a K. Please change it back.

Frie-ice (talk) 17:13, September 25, 2019 Frie-ice

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