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Swirn is a Mer rebel attempting to undermine the rule of manipulative Queen Luxia. She and her fellow rebels, Plaxum and Blumfump rescue Lance from the Queen's control and convince him to join their cause.


Swirn is an female-coded Mer, with lungs adapted for aquatic living and a long, forked fish tail. She has blue-green skin with dark blue freckles. She has a powerful, sea green tail with shaggy finlets.

In Swirn's initial scene, she's wearing a green cape with black stitching over a raggedy, pale green robe. She wears a yellow, three-eyed jellyfish on her head.

Once she's captured Lance, Swirn removes the cape and replaces it with a second layer of green drapes with slits for her arms. She acessorises with gold bracelets, and the body of an orange sea creature which she wears with the tentacles draped over her shoulders.


Swirn is a strategist and conspiracy theorist, helping Blumfump to brainstorm plans for rescuing their people from the hypnotic control of the Mer Queen. She also demonstrates proficiency at throwing anti-hypnosis puffer fish With surprising strength and accuracy.


Swirn uses a jellyfish to protect her brain from hypnotic sound waves: logic that's proven to be flawed when it's revealed that the Mer are being controlled through food products, rather than hypnosis.