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This article is about the former Lion Force pilot as he appears in Voltron Force-related interpretations. For a list of other meanings, see Sven (disambiguation).

Sven was a former pilot of Blue Lion and resident of planet Crydor.

Voltron Force (TV series)

Sven was a former pilot of Blue Lion and an apparent native of Crydor. He was infected when Haggar's cat had attacked him years ago, and eventually the infection progressed to the point that he needed to stay in a very cold environment to keep the infection from overtaking his mind. He has a son, born about a year prior to the events of this series, and probably at least conceived before Sven's infection forced him to move to a cold environment. Apparently his son had been infected.

He made a deal with Maahox to get a cure for him and his son. He stole Blue Lion and brought it to Crydor. Maahox betrayed him and took his son, hoping to train the boy to pilot Blue Lion for the Drules. Sven escaped and later assisted in the rescue of his son and Princess Allura. Afterwards, he defeated King Lotor in single combat and stayed on the planet...for now. [1]