Super Robot Wars W 4koma Front (スーパーロボット大戦W4コマ戦線 Sūpā Robotto Taisen Daburyū Yonkoma Sensen?) is a Japanese four panel comedy manga released for the Super Robot Wars W video game released by Banpresto. It was released in 2007 published by Action Comics.

Beast King GoLion Content

As a 4koma it satirizes the nature of the game and even the featured series itself. Unlike how Super Robot Wars W 4koma KINGS is only four panel strips, there are a few "chapters" that have a smaller story in them. However, the majority of the volume is focused on jokes and satire.

For example, Kogane is asked why he wears red, pilots the Black Lion, and has a name that means "Gold". Other strips focus on Shirogane's cold and rude nature.

In the game, both the lions which Golion is composed of and Galeon, the main body of GaoGaiGar, were made by the same ancient civilization. Jokes about the two mecha being related bring up an in-game event where the team members ask Gai Shishioh to be the sixth member of their team. In one comic, he declines the offer only for the team to ask Mikoto instead.

Featured Artists

  • Kojishima Kazutomo
  • Nijuugo En
  • Rita Iga
  • Imaki Shouji
  • Sawaki Takahiro
  • Minami Funi
  • Daiden Tatsuou
  • Chifukuza Wayuki
  • Sakai Takayuki
  • Mitsui Hiroyuki
  • Kido Wataru
  • Akidzuki Wataru
  • Kawaishi Tetsuya
  • Moriyama Kazuyasu


  • The Super Robot Wars W manga collection is the first time Golion has appeared in an officially licensed manga since its original 1981 Terebi Land manga series
  • The copyright page at the end of the book indicates that Toei is the copyright holder of Beast King GoLion the licensed its inclusion in Super Robot Wars W perhaps indicating that World Events Productions had no involvement in Golion's inclusion in the game