Super Mega Lion Attack is a 8bit style 2D horizontal shooter game featured on the official Voltron website. It is a single-player online browser game that does not contain any significant relevance to the overall series storyline. The game is set up as a training simulation by Coran for the Paladins wherein the player chooses one of the five Voltron Lions to fly through an asteroid field and battle various enemies from the Galra Empire.


Upon choosing a Lion, the player flies horizontally through an asteroid field, but can move in any direction as the game scrolls forward. The lion initially has a weak shooting attack that can be upgraded by blasting apart asteroids and gaining power-ups, increasing the attack's power and speed. The asteroids can also provide additional health in the form of hearts. The Lion will take damage if it runs into any object.

Each level grants the player three lives to expend regardless if any lives have been lost during previous levels. The game will end in failure if all three lives are lost and the player will return to the selection screen to start from the very beginning of the game.

The first level entails defeating a small Galra fighter jet that can fire lasers at the Lion. The second level entails several fighter jets and defeating Prorok in his Robeast form, which can fire a powerful laser at the Lion. The third level entails even more Galra fighter jets and defeating one of Lotor's custom fighter jets.

When the game is completed, a congratulatory message appears revealing the game is Coran's flight training simulator for the Paladins.



  • The game was unofficially announced by DreamWorks Animation digital marketing manager Kristen Chang four days prior to an official announcement.[1][2]
  • The game features 2D graphics and a container designed as an old arcade machine, likely honoring the 1980's era games and arcades popular at the time Voltron: Defender of the Universe originally released.

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